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Steps in the right direction...

For some reason I have chose to make 2010 my year for changes in my life. In the year 2010 I will have turned 26 and am now in my upper 20's and I guess its time for some major changes. I've been making so many changes in my life these days I don't know which way is up any more, but funny enough it feels great. I feel like I'm finally moving in the right direction lets hope it stays that way. Working on having a new body, new education, new career, and hopefully starting a family this year.

Big Changes

Well recently in my life I have taken on some big changes. I've taken a more active role in being a good house wife to hopefully prepare me for when its time for me to be a good mother.  I've also started on a new career path which will hopefully bring my husband and I to the point we would like to be which is a little thing called being independent.  My new job path is in Life insurance sales. In the one month that I have been working for Liberty National I have went from being just an Agent to new this week becoming a Unit Manager.

What you see is not always what you get........

Have you ever heard of the saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover"? Well I think I'm a prime example of that. Right now if you were to take a look at me and my life you would see a wife, a women who is over weight and a person that you may assume has no motivation in here life.  That is the cover to my book of life, but the cover of my book is just that a cover. Behind it all when you really get in to the heart of my book. I'm a wife yes but one who loves her husband and is trying her hardest to have a marriage that will last a life time.


Where to begin, My life has been filled with so many downs in the past 6 month I have almost forgoten how to get back up again. Lost two jobs one that I like the other one I loved it made me feel like I had a purpose in life, and well thats gone too. I feel like no matter what I do I'm always in the wrong and no matter how hard i try I'm always going to fail.  I've started going back to school again with little support from the one person I'm trying to make proud. In there words " Whats the point in spending the money to go to school when your not going to do anything with it.

My Boy Kona

In the month of May my husband and I got a dog he is a pug rescue from Korea. He was given to us by a family friend who could no longer take care of him anymore.  He is one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever had and I can truely say he is a blessing.


Kona Jo 

New Job

Well I got a new job, it was kind of scary at first because it was alot more professional than any other job I have ever had before. I was one of the best choices I have ever made. I love it, it is doing all the things I used to enjoy. Plus I have found out that I can be professional when I need to be. I know it is only my second week, but I already know that this job is the best thing that could have happened to me.

Midnight Again

Here I am it is midnight once again and I'm still wake. I am typing this blog now because my husband can not sleep until the thoughts that are running through his mind are gone. So here I am its midnight and I'm posting my first blog. Hopfully I will get some sleep soon or tomorrow is going to be a really long day.